Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday! Fabulous Designing Havens...♥

I am always inspired when I see how other people design and what their space is like. Yes, I say design because when I say "craft" I feel a little bit like a bumpkin, "hey y'all, let's go sit in the back and craft and then later we'll go to the craft fair and pick up a few of those plastic geese for our front yards and put little outfits on them." (OK, no offense to those who have those plastic geese and no offense to those who love the word "craft" , much love to you all. :) ) I digress.
Most of the time our "designing" space is cluttered with glue, buttons, fabric, ribbons, charms etc. etc. so what do we do with all of these items when we're done? And how can we be inspired by this mess? I'm attaching a few photos of some really killer spaces and hope that all of you who enjoy creating will be inspired by these beautiful rooms (or closets).
Eventually I'll attach the pictures of my space, but right now, I'm too ashamed to share. It's not all that inspiring, but I will be hanging shelves, pictures and an inspiration board to make it look lovely.
Happy "designing"

(Above Photo)

I love that this space is actually a small closet, transformed into a lovely designing nook. This really inspires me since my space is also inside my closet (oh the joys of living in a studio). The shelves are lovely and so is the wallpaper background. So much inspiration can be taken from this space. ♥

(Above Picture)
Hehe...this space is actually one of Anthropologie's beautiful window displays. (Seriously, I glean so much inspiration from them..EVEN their storefronts!)
You're space doesn't have to be ugly to work in (nobody wants that). You can actually use a lovely old desk, a sweet revamped lamp and amazing colorful ribbons and do-dads to liven your space up. I especially want to make note of the inspiration board. I have one and I suggest that any of you doing your own work, get one!!!!!! ;) You can hang whatever inspires you on them, whether it's a piece of beautiful fabric, buttons, pictures or business cards, anything to get those creative juices flowin and start your designing process.

(Above Picture)
I loved this space for the organization and the colors. Make note of the bar organizer hanging from the wall. You can find these at IKEA and they make any space look cleaner and crisper and you can get some of the items off of your desk. They are inexpensive and helpful. It goes to show you, even if you have a small space, it can still be functional.

(Above picture)
Seriously...the WALLPAPER IS AWESOME! *sigh* You may not want something like this all over your house (talk about overkill) but one wall in your design space would certainly be beautiful and inspiring. (I can't believe wallpaper is making a comeback, lol)
It's a great idea to use jars of different shapes and sizes to hold your tools and supplies. You can go back to my earlier post about painting jars and make something extra special for each item. So cool!! ♥


  1. Okay I can't stand crafting but when you say designing and show such lovely pictures it inspires me to find my DESIGNING muscle and exercise it! TeeHee :) Seriously, these are great ideas. You are an amazing writer too and an inspiration to all on many levels! Love ya and can't wait for the next post!!!!!!!!

  2. I love all of these Design Spaces. :-) 1 & 3 are my favorite. Thank you for posting these inspirational pictures. :-)

  3. Beautiful. I am just so sad that I could not possibly come up with anything that great. Wanna come over to my place and change it around?? I seriously need help.

  4. I say you open a design studio, my sweet friend. Gorgeous spaces, great ideas.... inspiring :o)

    BTW, I finally went out and bought the Neutrogena Wave today. Can't wait to try it. They should be paying you royalties!


  5. I got all excited when I saw that Anthro picture...LOVE IT. Thought, "Wow, someone is AWESOME at putting stuff together." ha. Oh boy, I LOVE Anthro! :(

    You are right. A nice space to work in a must. I give major props to my in laws for helping create mine.