Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh So Ladylike...

Sometimes I just wish we could turn back time and go back to the 5o's.
Ok, the GOOD part of the 50's.

Where men left the house with hats, a coat and tie and women dressed in snazzy little dresses and wore gloves.

Yes, there are some areas of the 50's that I'm sure we're happy are behind us, but those little moments where people held the door open for you and said "Thank you" and "You're welcome" or when women took good care of themselves AND their families...THAT you just don't see as much of anymore.

In this day and age I think it's a beautiful thing to be "ladylike." Of course, it's a little more acceptable for us to joke and goof off than it was then, but we can still be a lady while doing so.

I was born a woman. I'm PROUD to be a woman and there are so many wonderful things we women can do. Not only are we strong, loving and have great instincts, we also have the possibility to be beautiful (inside and out) and truly take care of ourselves and others.

I consider it an honor and I'm so happy to know so many beautiful and wonderful women. I have been blessed to have lovely women role models, friends and now, a lovely woman blogging community. Men are great, but you women have truly inspired me.

So, I'm saying "Thanks."

I wanted to highlight some things that I think are truly lovely. Enjoy!!

Glamorous Bedding and Furniture. Oh so Ladylike , but with a twist.
Fabulous tub, mirrored wall and accessories. Who can resist a bath in this room?

Hot pink, black and mirrors make for the ultimate girly getaway.

Sweet wool coats and dresses, perfect for Fall.

Simple dresses, secretary blouses and delicate jewelry.

There are so many ways to embrace your lady-likeness. What makes you happiest about being a woman and what do you wish we could bring back into the world today?

xoxo D


  1. The happiest about being a woman?
    Being able to be a mother. Ugh, there is NOTHING like it. Watching my kids every day grow and mold into beautiful little beings is so rewarding and amazing and incredible.

    What do I want to bring back?
    Respect. Seems that it is missing in too many these days. Maybe it is the teacher in me speaking, maybe the mother, but they way people act sometimes floors me. I find myself saying, if I ever acted/said/did that, I would have been in so much trouble. Hmmmmmmmm, maybe it is just the grown up in me now?!

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you. I'm 26 (10 days from being 27) and I see some of these teenagers and think, " I could NEVER have acted like that growing up." And, "how can you possibly think it's ok to treat others that way?" It really frustrates me, so Jenni, I'm rigt there with you. :)