Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tutorial Tuesdays *Fabric Poms*

To kick off Tutorial Tuesdays I thought I would share this lovely tutorial on making Fabric Poms. These are all the rage at weddings, birthdays, showers, or just to hang around your house. Are they not adorable?! I love this particular color scheme, but you can do just about anything.

Oncewed.com is a super cute wedding blog and you can find the DIY link here:

You'll find tissue paper poms all over the Internet and Etsy (which are great too!) but fabric poms are a little more unique and they'll last longer.

Tutorial Part 2:

You can also make mini ones into a garland! How cute would these be hanging in your house or at a whimsical birthday party? I ♥ them! Mini fabric poms are even easier to make (although, a little time consuming) and wouldn't you feel so pleased once you were done?

Here is the tutorial link:

Enjoy making these lovelies!



  1. A friend of mine once gave me something similar as a gift... it was a single red pom, with a small brass heart hanging from the very bottom. I loved it, and still have it hanging on a doorknob :o)