Wednesday, August 8, 2012


With the smell of Lavender in the air from our giant Lavender bushes, I decided I HAD to create something wonderful with it.  I just ran out of sugar scrub and decided to go ahead and make my own. Boy, does my house spell of lavender goodness right now! Enjoy this little tutorial!

Here's what you're going to need: 

Step 1: Get out a wooden spoon and put your sugar in a bowl. I use anywhere from 2-3 cups of sugar for my scrub. 

Step 2: Go ahead and start adding the oil. This can range anywhere from a couple of cups (if you like a more grainy scrub like I do) or 4-5 cups if you prefer it to be a little more oily. 

Step 3: This is where you really start mixing. Mix until all the oil and sugar are combined. You can then add more olive oil at this point, if it's too grainy for your liking. The sugar should take on a buttery yellow hue, that's how you know you have incorporated it properly. 

Step 4: Now you can add the Lavender essential oil. Of course, you can use any scent you like. I love lavender so that's what I used, but feel free to get creative here. I used about 20 drops. I like it to have a nice strong scent. For a lighter scent, use about half that. I got my essential oil from Whole Foods. 

Step 5: I added some fresh Lavender buds to my scrub. Take one stem and scrape the buds off going downward on the stem. Sprinkle a couple of small handfuls into the scrub. Mix well. 

Step 6: Place the scrub into a nice glass jar (or any container you choose). I got my jar from Ikea for $2.99. Sprinkle a few extra Lavender buds on top. The scent from the fresh buds is so amazing.

Giving this as a gift? Why not package it sweetly for someone? I'm keeping mine for myself, but this would make an excellent present. I started with some awesome yellow twine that I bought at the hardware store, a tiny clothespin and a small manila tag.

Tie the twine a few times around the neck of the jar, write a sweet note or the description of the scrub on the manila tag and clip it with the tiny clothespin. Simple and sweet.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make some of your own sugar scrub at home. I promise, you'll love it!

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  1. As someone who has recieved this as a gift from you, all I can say is Amazing! I loved my scrub ;) Also, Great job! Your photos turned out GREAT!