Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I mean, REALLY scared yourself. I mean, like, took your breath away, you couldn't believe you were doing what you were doing and you even thought, "wow, I could die or get seriously injured right now." OK, I don't typically recommend living on the edge to the point you are actually questioning getting hurt, but, I'm not saying you shouldn't do that sometimes either. ;)

The last time I REALLY scared myself was about 3 weeks ago. For those of you who know me, my boyfriend is a huge fan of motorcycles and going to track days. Track days are when guys (and some pretty hardcore gals) take their bikes out, pay a nice big fee to ride a professional track, and go really fast. Sounds dangerous already, I know, but they are actually pretty safe for those who've ridden a lot because it's a controlled environment and there are not cars or bicycles coming out of nowhere. You pay attention to those around you. So, where does me being really scared come in to play?

Right here...

Yes, that's me, on the back of an instructors bike. I decided to take a few laps with him around the track. I had just met him 10 minutes prior. Yes, I'm a crazy person. Granted, I didn't realize HOW fast we were going to go, but he filled me in, after I was all suited up of course. "Make sure you lean with me on the turns. Make sure your helmet is to my right or left, depending on the turn. Don't look down. People always look down, but don't do it. The ground looks a lot closer and we'll be going pretty fast. Just look straight ahead."

Yeah, OK.

We hit the track. It was 100 degrees that day (which means, even hotter on the track), and I was for sure sweating in my rental suit that was just a little too big. When we hit the first turn, I think my stomach was in my throat. I was honestly, totally, scared. Each turn I kept telling myself, "Breathe Danae, DO NOT freak out....don't do it" And, I just breathed. The turns were the scariest, coming out of a fast straight away. We'd slow down pretty fast and I would slide into the instructor's back, lean to the right (or left) with him almost dragging knee and then continue to the next turn and I'd force my butt backwards on the seat so we weren't a motorcycle sandwich. We were passing other guys on the track, which was pretty crazy, considering we were riding 2 up and they were riding single.

 (check me out in the bottom right hand corner, hehe)

After the first lap, I almost tapped out, but something in me said "no way! this is thrilling, you'll be fine, just enjoy it!" So, that's what I did. I just enjoyed it, for 6 more laps.  Still, stomach in my throat, but it started to ease and I just rode with it. When we came back in to the Paddock, I was smiling ear to ear. Honestly, it was the most thrilling thing I've ever done in my life, and I can't wait to do it again the next Track day we attend. The instructors name is Blue (cool right?) and he told me afterward that we were going over 150 miles per hour on the straight away. HOLY COW! I felt this connection to him afterward, because, seriously folks, I put my life in his hands and I felt like I came out of that ride a better person. He later told me that it's always a risk for him too, so he's extra careful. I'm thankful for the extra careful part, but I'm even more thankful for the flippin awesome time I had. He also told me a I was a good passenger, which was awesome to hear, since this was also my FIRST time on a motorcycle. I forgot to mention that part huh? :P

I have been dealing with a lot of stress at work lately, and when I rode on that track, I felt it all release. UH OH, we may have an addict on our hands now. Living on the edge made me feel more alive than I've felt in a long time. Maybe riding on a track at 150 miles per hour is nothing to you, but man, was it something to me. It was life changing. Yep.

(some before shots)

When was the last time you really did something that scared you? Would you do it again? Did you feel like it changed you? I'd love to hear.

Now go out and be daring!!!

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