Monday, December 31, 2012


People say happiness is relative. What do you think?

I think those people are right.

"Happiness does not depend on real quality of life" I like that.

I honestly believe you can be happy in good times and yes, even the ugly bad times. Sure, the bad times, well, they are no fun and it's very hard to see the silver lining sometimes. However, did you know, that  in some of the poorest countries, happiness is higher than what it is in America? I think that's because we have so much and we constantly want more. We constantly want the next thing, the next gadget, the next i-whatever. I'm just as guilty, but I've found it's really the experiences in life that make us happy. Not the things.

When was the last time you were truly happy? I mean, TRULY happy? I'd have to say my proposal was the last time I was just unbelievably happy. Like, hugging kittens, happy. I cried and laughed, all out of sheer happiness. Yeah, that doesn't happen often, that was a different type of happiness. I can tell you that I'm pretty happy most of the time though. I mean, I'm a Gemini so I definitely go into the mully grubbs like once a month (and no, it's not because of what you think...eww) but I just feel life is to short to not be happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm very far from perfect, and when I'm in those mully grubbs that I mentioned in the previous sentence, yeah, please don't come around (or when I haven't  eaten and my blood sugar is low, don't come around then either).

We all need things to remind us of what makes us happy. Here are some tips to get to that place, I mean, you know, when you really need to. Not saying you do, maybe you are always in that place. So to you that are, I applaud you and ask that you share YOUR tips with ME. :) For those that need a little extra help sometimes, read on, maybe you will be inspired. 

1. Give to someone. 

Give to someone with needs greater than yours. Gifts can be free, whether you volunteer at a soup kitchen, give blood at a blood drive, or bake a cake for a shut in, you can be greatly reminded of your true happiness, when you give of yourself to others. It's really the easiest thing we can do and sometimes seeing someone with different needs than yourself can help you remember what you are truly happy about in life. 

2. Go outside and take a deep breath. 

Yes, go outside, breath deeply and just let it all go. Smile, look at God's beautiful creation and think back on your happiest moments. Those moments were happy for a reason, what were they? You can have that again. 

3. Do something exciting, something you've never done before. Scare yourself. 

Sometimes, we just need to feel alive to remember what it feels like to be really happy. When our lives become mundane and we have the same routine everyday, our joy can start to fade. Why not go and do something crazy? Something that scares you silly, but shows you what life is really all about. It's about those new experiences, it's about learning something you never knew. It's about being crazy sometimes.   Obviously be smart when you do these crazy things, and don't do anything reckless. Crazy doesn't have to mean skydiving or riding motorcycles, sometimes it means going to a local restaurant and getting to know the couple beside you. Sometime crazy means trying out a new hairstyle that you were always afraid to try, but really wanted to. Sometimes crazy is telling that someone you love, you love them, when you've been to scared to. Whatever your crazy is, why not do it as soon as possible? 

4. Hug those dear to you. Really hug them. 

Hugging can release stress, calm you down and lower your heart rate. So, hug it out already! Hugging helps you remember why you love that person. Breath them in and get your squeeze on. Hugging is sheer happiness. 

I hope you find one (or all) of these tips helpful at some point. Either way, I believe we all deserve true happiness and I wish that for each of you. 

What makes you truly happy? 

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