Thursday, January 10, 2013


I wear orange for my brother. Orange is the support color for Leukemia.

My brother Devin was RE-diagnosed Monday with ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia) with the Philadelphia chromosome. This is the 3rd time and he has been living without cancer for 20 years now. Do you know how rare it is to relapse with the same type of cancer, especially the type he has? It's unheard of.

Talk about a miracle. And God is going to do it again. There is no doubt. Sure, it's been scary, exhausting, frustrating, infuriating, confusing, mind blowing, stupid, lame, sad, faith depleting, faith enhancing (I could go on and on). Yes, it's basically been a big ball of emotions. But in all actuality, we're not scared of the end result. We're more bummed about the road. The road is the hard part. The chemo, the medicine, the bone marrow tests, the exhaustion. The road sucks. No other way to put it. But we have a God that is unbelievable and we fully trust in Him. This just started, but we're ready for it to be over.

I was tested Monday to see if I could be a potential donor for a BMT (bone marrow transplant), I'll know in 7 days. Of course we pray that it doesn't come to that, but if it does, as a sibling I have a 1 in 4 chance of being a match. Devin doesn't want me to be a match, just because he doesn't want me to have to go through the pain of doing the transplant IF he had to get one. Of course, I'd give my left leg, but we'll see how it goes. According to the Dr's, the BMT is not as painful as it used to be, so, that's somewhat comforting.

Dev and I one week before his diagnosis. He was already feeling pretty bad. 

My new ring. A reminder of the Hope that we have. 

 Due to Devin's lack of insurance right now, any donations to help out with expenses would be unbelievably helpful. If you are able to donate, please check out this link and give what you can.
Anything you could give would be helpful. Of course, we'll continue to take those prayers too. 

Thank you to everyone who has already given, prayed, called, texted, emailed, stopped by, brought up cupcakes or food, THANK YOU. It really means the world to see how much support we have during this time. 

Thank you all for fighting along with us. In the meantime, find something orange for yourself to wear here


  1. I'm praying for Devin every single day! & believing God for a miracle for him.
    My brother in law, Luke Bensing, went to school at South Haven & that's how I know both of you. Actually, you were the teacher's assistant in my 5th grade class for Mrs. Pam Wilson :)

    I found your blog & I'm so excited to read more from you & follow Devin's journey.
    We're praying!

  2. Amanda, Thank you so much for sending this note. We really appreciate your prayers and I'm so glad you found my blog. I'll keep everyone updated through the journey. :) --Danae