Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whimsical Wednesdays: My 10 Top Favorite Beauty Products Right Now!

Happy Wednesday!! (even though I actually thought it was Thursday and went to the Four Seasons where I had a meeting and realized, "wait! the meeting is tomorrow!" ughhh!!!)
Anyway, I decided to do a rundown of my Top Ten Favorite Beauty items of the moment. Some items are ever changing, but I have several staples that I'm in love with right now. I would love to hear your thoughts and what items you are currently using. You may be using something that I would love, and I just don't know it yet. ;) Please share and enjoy!!
(These are in no particular order since I ♥ them all!)

Bare Minerals, Mineral make-up.
This is not the best for dry skin (I would recommend creamy products for that) but I love it and it looks and feels so natural. This is the stater kit which comes with a mineral foundation, concealer, warmth (bronzer/blush) and Mineral Veil (or powder). It also comes with all the necessary brushes, which are great! I basically use the concealer and Warmth more than anything, as I use a few off brands that are similar but cheaper. ;) Anything by Lo'real is great as well, and I highlight my favorite mineral powder a little further down (since Mineral Veil is $20 bucks a pop). The starter kit is not that expensive and luckily there are stores all over America. If you are lucky and from Indiana, you can go to the Bare Essentials Outlet Store where there are HUGE savings. *sigh*
Crest Premium White strips
I'm pretty sure we all know what these are and they are self explanatory. However, I had to highlight them since I think they are great. I drink a lot of coffee and the occasional glass of wine, so having the white strips around is wonderful. There are several brands, but Crest is my favorite and they are not only easy to use, but they come off easily as well. I got a sample of the new Diamond White type they just put out, haven't tried it yet though. These are great just to keep your smile looking fab. If you have very sensitive teeth, be careful, these can leave you a bit tingly if you use them a couple of days in a row.
The Neutrogena Wave
I use this EVERY night. It's so simple to use and I really feel like it gets EVERYthing off of my face. The wave is a small vibrating power cleanser that you attach little pads to that have the cleanser inside. The pad attaches like velcro and all you have to do is run it under water to get the cleanser to react, press the button and start lovingly cleansing your face. My face feels so clean after I use this, and a little bit tighter. It's best to wash your face every night so that there are less signs of aging and your skin continues to stay fresh and without breakouts. Make sure to really slather on the moisturizer after you cleanse your face. This will prevent early signs of age. ;) It costs around 15 bucks (that was because I had to buy it at Walgreen's, and they are more expensive) and the extra 30 pack of cleansing pads cost about $8.

Maybelline Mineral Translucent Powder w/brush
The Bare Essentials Mineral Veil is fantastic, but like I said earlier, it's definitely pricier. This gives me the same bare effect, but about $7-$8 dollars cheaper (and that's what I'm talkin bout, hehe). It comes with a free Kabuki Brush, but I would recommend you get your own, better quality brush as this one is a lot smaller. It goes on very light and helps set any other make-up you have put on our face, without looking cakey. Make sure to dust in entirely on, sometimes it goes on a little whitish, but that will go away once it's completely blended.

Babyliss Ceramic Plate Flat Iron
*SIGH* How on EARTH did I ever live without this glorious contraption?? I have no idea. I just purchased this flat iron less than a month ago and can't stop using it. I adore the thing. It's scary, but true. I had fully intended on saving up some money and purchasing a Chi, which are like top of the line and about $130 bucks. Weelllll, I just so happened to be in Marshalls the other day (yes, I said Marshalls) and found this one for $40 bucks! I had seen them at Peninsula Beauty alongside the Chi, so felt that this was something worth trying, AND I would be saving tons of mulah (which I love!). I took it home and now I'm in love. It makes my hair so shiny and smooth. I can literally go from crazy weird bed hair (especially when I sleep with my hair wet. I wake up and I have strange waves and curls) to fabulous, smooth, sexy, sleek, shiny hair in 10 minutes flat!! You honestly can't beat that. GO GET ONE, if you haven't already. Or maybe I'm just WAY behind the times...either way...I'm a happy camper!!

Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer
My mom turned me on to this stuff. So good!! I don't use a powder foundation, and sometimes the liquid foundations can feel VERY heavy, so I didn't use those either, UNTIL...I found this. In comes in three different shades (I use the lightest since I'm pretty much albino. I prefer saying I have milky/creamy skin. Sounds more glamorous huh?) It's basically a moisturizer but tinted a little darker so it covers blemishes and makes your skin look all radiant and dewy. Then, you can apply your bit of concealer, blush or bronzer and your powder on top of it and you look gorgeous. I apply this with a little white sponge, but you can use your hands, just make sure you blend it well since there is that light tint to it. This costs me $18 bucks, but, it lasts forever and it's totally worth it. :) If you can't get Mary Kay, Almay has something very similar in a tube.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer w/SPF
I love to use this moisturizer right after I use the Wave. It's "just" thick enough where it's not runny and greasy, but it's not heavy either. I slather on a LOAD of it before bed and wake up feeling refreshed and like my skin is ready to go!! It's a bit pricier than some moisturizers, but experts say to spend more money on the moisturizer since it's on your skin longer than any of your cleaners. Don't buy into the idea that you should spend a load on cleanser. It's just soap and then you wash it off. :) This is also perfect to wear during the day since there is SPF. I would recommend using a dab of eye cream as well, to give your whole face a lift.

Goldwell Diamond Hair Gloss

Wonderful product!! I got this from Alchemy Hair Salon on Sutter (for all of you Bay Area ladies) for $16 dollars, but you can also get it online. It last forever, since you don't have to use very much, and gives your hair a lovely shine. Even for the dullest of hair. Flat Iron or curl your hair (or do nothing to it), spray on some diamond gloss, brush it in, and go! It also smells great.

Cover Girl Last Blast Luxe

I'd like to round out my top ten faves with my favorite black mascara. If you are a weeping willow and tend to cry a lot, this is not water proof, so be careful. However, it has suited me just fine at Church. :) It makes your lashes look fuller and thicker, which is wonderful. The applicator isn't your typical mascara wand, but it was created to give you more intense looking lashes. It works great, is inexpensive and wears well. It also comes off easily with any eye make-up remover.

Well, that's all for today! Go on looking fabulous, as you usually do ladies!! Also, don't forget to tell me some of your favorite items, or if you've tried some of mine. :)
♥ Danae


  1. Can't wait to try the Diamond Hair Gloss - I've been looking for something like this!!

    I'm a big fan of Bare Minerals too :)

    Thanks for the list - great stuff!

  2. ooo Good! Definitely try it! So fabulous! ♥

  3. I love ....(Brace yourself.. this could be a novel).

    -Eminence Organics (Love ALL their products) but my favorite is their Pear and Poppy Seed Microderm polisher. (Check out online)

    -Korres Organic face primer - goes on so silky smooth without any harsh chemicals - can get at Ulta or Sephora

    -Sally Hensen Natural Beauty Eye brightner. I saw Carmindy use this on 'What not to wear' and I love it! Its like this pinky-purply color that swiped on lid and under eye before makeup helps me look like I got 15 hours of rest. Somedays I use only that and 2 coats mascara for a natural 'awake' look =)

    -Lush bath bombs - make any bath a totally decadent thing (even if my kids are banging on the door) love the Jasmin and the Honey bombs.

    Well, I could keep going, so Ill stop. Loved this post!

  4. I think I am going to try the Wave. I also want to try the eye brightner that Janelle mentioned.

    A few of my favorite products are:

    MAC's Mineralize Blush

    Lancome's Oscillation Powerbooster Primer, Hypnose Mascara, and their Juicy Tubes Lipgloss.

    Kiehl's Moisturizer