Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 things I love about life right now...

1) Walking around in Anthropologie: I like to go in about once a week (especially since it's directly across the street from where I work) and peruse. I enjoy seeing their new displays, all of the lovely colors and just taking it all in. It's one of life's smaller joys, but it's a joy none the less. Today I actually even gave them some of my money, which doesn't always happen because my bank account tells me I shouldn't (always) do that. *wink*

2) Watching "Big Love" with Ascander: Hanging out with him really should be ALL 10 of the things I love about life, but I have to be fair to the other things to. I love sitting with him, his arm around me and us both laughing or gasping in shock about the same silly things that Nicki is doing, or the clumsiness of Margene or the sadness of Barb. :) Yes, watching a television series about a polygamist family is a joy of mine, I'm horrible I know, but he makes it even better. ♥

3) Talking to my family on Skype: Seriously...who came up with Skype? I want to hug them and kiss them and squeeze them!! Ok...maybe not quite, but I would definitely give them a high five. I can't tell you how wonderful it is that I can talk to my family that is all the way across the country and actually get to SEE them! I showed my mom around Ascanders house, my grandma designs I'm working on, or even new shoes that I've bought. It's such a pleasure and I'm oh so thankful that I have a lovely Mac with a camera built in. What a blessing!

4) Peets Coffee: One of the only things that gets me through the mornings during the week, a Vanilla Latte from Peets. I don't get one every day (don't worry) but when I do, ahhh, the joy it brings!

5) Delicious Dinners: Ascander is seriously, one of the best cooks I've ever known. Of course, my mom, aunt and Grandma are top of that list as well, but it's his food that I've been eating more of lately. He cuts everything perfectly, cooks it perfectly, seasons it perfectly...did I mention that he pretty much does it all...perfectly? I've had the pleasure of having some absolutely delicious food on a weekly basis, and it makes me feel wonderful. No mac n' cheese for this girl. :)

6) Felt: I've recently discovered how fun it is to work with felt. It comes in so many fabulous colors and feels great. I purchased a lovely combination of colors from Giant Dwarf on Etsy and was even happier when it arrived. It was like Christmas. She offers the BEST felt (it's not your typical felt, it's much softer) so check her out!

7) Beloved Community: SF Lighthouse is wonderful for so many reasons, but our Small Group (Beloved Community) has been an extra joy for me the past 2 months. We are working through the Story of God and I'm learning something new each week. I get to hang out with some great people, eat some yummy desserts and learn about the one who created it all. Wednesday nights it's on, if you are in the area. :) Just let me know if you are interested!

8)Riding my bike to work: It's been 2 months now and I've ridden EVERY day. It was a struggle in San Francisco at first (with my bad bike accident last year) but since I got back in the saddle, it's been awesome. I have SO much more energy and my legs are getting stronger. The best feeling is to know you are doing something green for the earth AND great for your body. I love it! ♥

9) DIY (Do it yourself) Projects: If I can do it myself, you better believe I will. Whether it's painting a mirror, mowing the lawn or making a pretty card...I want to try it myself and put my little mark on it. It's always such a feeling of accomplishment when you see something great done with your own 2 hands. We were created to work, so that's why it feels so right.

10) Taking care of myself: I'm very proud of where I came from and what I've been taught. My mom showed me how to be an independent woman and take care of yourself! I pay my own bills, rent an apartment downtown San Francisco and started my own little business. I guess I'm giving myself a little pat on the back, but I'm thankful to God that He has allowed me to accomplish these things. Even though I have someone in my life that probably wouldn't mind taking care of me (hint, hint) I know that no matter where life leads me, I have it in me to make my own way. And I think that's a great lesson to learn.



  1. Amen Sista! I am thankful for your talent! I<3 feather and branch!

  2. Ohhhhhh BIG LOVE. I cannot say enough. I cannot explain my addiction to that show. Absolutely captivating.

    Good for you on the bike riding! I wish I could ride my bike to work, but I think I'd get run over on 101 :(

    I love that you recognize what a great accomplishment it is to be taking care of yourself in SF. So happy for you :) :)

    Fun post!!

  3. What in the world is "Big Love"? LOL

    #1 #9 I'm right there with yah!

    Proud of you on #10. You're a super hero.