Monday, May 17, 2010

Whimsical Wednesdays, How to: At Home Pedicure

Believe me, if I could go every week to get a mani/pedi, I'd be there faster than you could say this sentence. However, I don't know if you know this or not, but they just are not that cheap in the bay area! I mean, I could either go somewhere really fancy and pay upwards of $65 dollars for a pedicure (one word: notgonnahappen) or I could go somewhere cheaper, but worry about catching some sort of foot fungus. to that one too.

So on the off times when I don't have the money, or the time, to have someone do it for me, I take care of myself. Here is my little step by step with some products that are great for this sort of thing.

Step one: Run a hot bath (OR: put the tea kettle on and pour the steaming water into a large bowl or container big enough to soak your feet in) If you run about 6 inches of water, you should be just fine. Soak your feet for about 15 minutes, to get them nice and soft. Add some dried lavender and chamomile to soothe your tootsies.

Step two: Pumice stone OR the handy PedEgg. I know, "the pedegg?" you say. Yep, or you can use the one like me which is by Revlon (the Pedi-expert), is pink, and is only $10.00 at Walgreen's. You also get a few extra tools for free.
Get behind your toes, your heal, top of your toes (yep, the knuckle part) and all around your heal. This little device basically gets all of the skin that gets thick in those areas (creating calluses) and makes your feet dry and rough. You'll be amazed at the difference one of these little tools can make, especially after you've already let your feet soak for awhile.

Step three: Scrub those feet!! (Beforehand do the following: Mix sugar and Olive oil in a bowl until they are fully incorporated. You can decide how much you want to mix, but my mixture is never more than a cup.) You can also add a fragrance oil, if you like, but I love the pure scent of the sugar and the oil. It feels so natural, so organic (and I always have this in my cupboard).
Scrub your heels, top and bottom of feet and don't forget in between your toes and around the cuticles. This scrub will get rid of any extra roughness the pumice stone/pedegg didn't remove. Once you've rinsed the scrub off, your feet will feel silky smooth and you'll want to do this little ritual every night. :)

Step four: Dry your feet and give yourself a nice foot massage with your favorite lotion. I love to use the "Sabon Foot Cream" ( with camphor and menthol. It's refreshing and has a lovely scent. However, any lotion will do. Make sure you rub the balls of your feet, your heel and up your ankle slightly. I never though I would enjoy giving myself a foot massage, but you would be surprised.

Step five: Make sure all of your nails are clipped and filed. This would also be a good time to push your cuticles back and get any little extra skin around your toes.

Step six: Polish! Whether you like bright colors, french, or just clear, this final step will finish off your at home pedi. Make sure to keep a q-tip and polish remover handy for those little mishaps.

I'll finish off with nail polish trends for 2010 so you can all be stylin.

Enjoy treating yourself to a pedicure!!


Gorgeous Green
Taupe, Brown and BeigeMatte shades

Bright Blue


  1. cute Danae!! Thankfully, as you probably remember, Stockton has some very decent places for under $40. Not too shabby for that quarterly hit. hah! xoxo

  2. lol! I need to come to Stockton to get my nails done it seems. :)