Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy-ness, Birthday and Blog Changes

*Sigh* Seriously, life has been so busy lately. Work has been slightly stressful, I've been exhausted every night (more mentally than anything) and I've been slacking on my shop and blog (which totally puts me in the dumps.) :(

I don't MEAN to slack on my shop and blog, but I'm just trying to keep up with everything in life and sometimes, well, it's just hard.

My shop is one of the things that makes me happiest. There is a funny quote from a silly movie called "Eagle vs Shark" where the guy (Jarrod) is showing the girl (Lily) all these weird things that he makes and he says something to the effect of "If I don't create, I think I would die." OK, so that's pretty dramatic, and this guy is a *little* insane, but that quote comes to my mind more frequent than not. Creating, packaging,'s just me and it's what I do. If I don't do it, don't have time, get caught up in other things, it starts to wear on me and I realize, "OK, I need to make pretty things and work with my hands." Once I do, I'm happy (and that's also a great reassurance that I'm doing what God created me to do).

This past weekend was my 27th birthday. I honestly can't even believe that, especially since half the time I still feel like I'm 16. My friend Joy surprised me by taking me to the sweetest place called Crown and Crumpet. A bunch of girlfriends from church were there to surprise me and it was so excellent! We had tea, ate little sandwiches and had fun chatting.

Does it get cuter than this??!

Afterwards I went and spent time with my love and had a delightful day of pampering, that ended with a delicious fresh scallop dinner, prepared entirely by him. He also got me an awesome Shabby Chic desk and chair to do my design work on. Is he not the most thoughtful guy ever!!?? I'm the luckiest lady in the world, I'm pretty sure. ;)

I delighted in phone calls from my mom, grandparents, brother, dad, aunt, cousins etc. etc. I love birthdays, whether it's mine or not! Suffice it to say, it was an excellent day.

The weekend before that we went to an awesome flea market in Alameda and I picked up a fabulous Vintage Typewriter, a Vogue suitcase with pink lining (ugh, so cute!) and some skeleton keys that I'm making necklaces with! The flea market is the first Sunday of every month, and you MUST go to it if you are in the area. Definitely show up when they open (or soon after) around 6:30/7ish, since there are around 800 booths and most people show up around 11. Get it while it's hot!

To round this post out, I'm going to be making some changes to my blog and they are as follows:

Tutorial Tuesdays: I find, and do, so many wonderful tutorials that I want to pass them on to my readers. Who knows, one of them may spark a creative fire in you. I will have tutorials ranging from recipes and preparation of great meals, to sewing and decorating tutorials (and everything in between.) If you have a tutorial you have come up with, please let me know and I'll feature you here on my blog. :)

Whimsical Wednesdays: This will pretty much remain the same. From fabulous wedding tips and ideas to fun projects and beautiful homes. Anything with a touch of whimsy, will be featured this day.

Fashion Fridays: I will highlight some of my favorite sellers and designers on Etsy and also show style tips from clothing to beauty. I love fashion, so Fridays will be fun!

These 3 days I will have posts, for sure, and then days in between I might share places I've visited or thing's I've been doing. I will also add new item pictures from my shop and giveaways, of course!

Keep checking back and make sure to share my blog and shop with your friends! I want to get the word out there about my Etsy friends, so if you sell on Etsy...I just may feature you here soon!!

Have a fabulous evening!



  1. I totally feel you on the creative/happy/working with your hands thing. I get it. And I also get feeling so busy that time is sucked away and before you know it its been a while since you created. UGH! So, you have inspired me, I'm pulling out those pillows I've said I needed to work on for, oh, the last 4 weeks... TONIGHT!

    Post pics of the desk, typewriter, and suitcase. I got twitterpated just thinking about them.

    Also, a reader request. I would love to see your space. You have great taste and I'd love to see your home.


  2. ok, so I want more info on the flea market! email me some-that is right up my alley!! xoxo

  3. I Love your blogs, looking forward to more 8)

  4. Janelle-I am currently updating my design space, so I will post pictures AS SOON as it's done. Thanks for wanting to see it. :)

    Amy-The Flea market is in Alameda. You can google/bing Alameda Flea Market and it will give you dates, times and show some pics. They have over 800 sellers, everything has to be 20 years or older etc. It was awesome! So much shabby chic stuff!!

    Rube-Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoy it and follow along ♥