Thursday, June 3, 2010

Charming Summer Retreats

Those lazy days of Summer are upon us. For some of us, we may not have a lot of chances to be lazy, but if you're going to take that chance, why not take it in a tent? You don't have to go far to be transported to a charming getaway. Your backyard, your living room even your bedroom can be instantly transformed with some sheets, blankets, string and a little imagination. I found some delightful little ideas, and I hope to use one of them very soon.


Want to ACTUALLY getaway? Here are some delightful tent accomodations I found. These are a MUST see!

In the Bay area?

Southern California:


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  1. Oh this is cool! I actually live in Castro Valley, just across the bay from you, so that Costanoa place is really near me. My mom just got back from Kenya, Africa and she stayed in a tent/bungalow type thing on a wildlife preserve and said it was so neat. That would be fun to try's nice to know there is a place near me to try it at!:)