Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And the winner is...

I meant to post the winner last night, but yesterday was pretty busy.

However, I'm super happy to announce the winner of the locket earrings and locket ring!

Julia!!! Congrats! :) Make sure you send me a note (featherandbranch@gmail.com) with your address, so I can send your goodies right away!

ALSO....as a SURPRISE...I decided to draw another name for a SECOND pair of locket earrings. The winner is...

Us Four & No More....A.K.A Janelle!! Email me with your address and I'll send those to your door.

Thank you all for participating! I have some new items that will be added to my shop soon and will also be offering clutches within the next month or so. I'm pretty excited, so keep checking back. More giveaways to come!!

Have a great night everyone!!



  1. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!! I'll send you an email right away:) I'm so excited!!

  2. YEAH! I am so thrilled - truly - I may have screamed out loud... Maybe... I'm not fessing up to that one. I LOVE Feather and Branch. WOOT WOOT!

    You know what? I'm going to go eat a piece of chocolate in celebration.

  3. LOL! I'm happy for both of you and your goodies are going in the mail tomorrow. I have to package them up tonight and make them look pretty. ♥