Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashion Friday

Hi there! I'm sorry I wasn't able to post anything for Whimsical Wednesday. I have been traveling and am now in the great state of Michigan, visiting family.

Living in San Francisco, you forget how warm it actually is during the summer in other places. When I stepped off the plane in Michigan it was 85 degrees *sigh* I love warmth.

I don't get to bust out my summer clothes very often in the city, so I decided to do a little post on some lovely summer clothing.

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it's wonderful!

x0x0 D

I love the summer dresses above. Especially that sweet little black one.

Cute little skirts and tanks are very popular this year. Pair these simple items with an awesome necklace, and you really make a statement.

The color of the tank above is gorgeous, and I love the feminine detail with the lace, bow and pearls.

The items above remind me of Ice Cream. How great are those shoes?? is one of my favorite sites any season. They are very "anthroesque" without the price tag. You can find everything from vintage inspired shoes and hats, to lovely summer dresses and cardigans.


  1. Yes, my summer wardrobe consists of sweaters and scarves! I LOVE IT THOUGH!

  2. I always love Fashion Friday:) I think my favorite out of them all is that beige-ish dress, the Autograph Dress. LOVE it!!! Oh, and those mustard yellow shoes above the big hat picture....definitely thinking I need a pair of those!! I've never heard of, but I'm on my way there now!!

    Enjoy Michigan and your family!!!