Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday, Tutorial Tuesday and a Giveaway

I have had such a great weekend and beginning of the week spent with my family. I'm back in California now and missing the sunny (warm) weather of the Midwest.

But, I'm back to business now. Today's post will be "Whimsical Wednesday" along with "Tutorial Tuesday" (sorry, it's late) and a fun giveaway on another site I wanted to highlight.

I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!!


Whimsical Wednesday:

I'm loving doilies. They are not associated with old, stuffy, Victorian homes anymore but they are sweet, whimsical and you can find them on most anything these days. I LOVE to package my shipments with little paper doilies. They are so feminine and make packages look great and unique!

I found some awesome doily inspired items on ETSY, and wanted to share these sweet sellers with you. Take a look and enjoy.....

I absolutely love these "lace doily" coasters from uncommon. I love how they made something so feminine out of wood. A side note here, uncommon is located in Valparaiso, IN, a hop, skip and jump from where I grew up in Porter. How cool is that? Check it out here:

A laptop bag is a must, especially when flying. This sweet pink one from TrackandFieldDesigns is so pretty with the doily accent and the fawn. Find this one and others like it, here:

AndFurtherMore took such a great approach to a doily by designing this beautiful clock. You can find this clock here
but they also have it in other lovely colors!

Such a pretty pillow. This pillow is a vintage find from Antracitproduction.
You can check out the pillow here:

How lovely! This necklace is made of glass and handpainted with this sweet doily design. Check out FoxandClover's other work here:

Who doesn't love to receive beautifully wrapped packages? And sending them is JUST as fun! You can do that with this Silhouette Packaging kit from sweetfindings. Here is the listing, but be sure to check out their other adorable items as well.


Tutorial Tuesday:

Once again, SO SORRY for being late with this. I've had a touch of jet lag, but I think I'm right back on schedule. :)

I found this super cute tutorial on Creature Comforts, an absolutely lovely blog, and wanted to share it with you. I find so many great tutorials out there and can't wait to try this one myself.

How cute are these? I love how simple and charming these boxes are. What a great gift!

Here is the full tutorial:




And last, but certainly not least, is a giveaway hosted by This year is their 2 year anniversary and the giveaway is fabulous.

Who doesn't want to win a new Polaroid camera and an Anthro gift card? I know I do (although I NEVER win anything, maybe this time I'll get lucky) *wink*

Check it out and good luck:


Whew *wipes forehead* that was a lot! I hope you enjoyed the time you spent here today. I will be back on Friday for some fun Fashion.

Have a lovely afternoon!



  1. Beautiful blog! Love the tutorial!! I think I will be trying that soon. =)

  2. Yay!! I missed you! So glad you are back to un-sunny California:) The weather here has been uncommonly chilly I think....much chillier than the norm. Glad you were able to enjoy some sun and warm!!

    What a cute tutorial!! Thanks for finding and sharing:)

    And I LOVE doilies!!! That bag is so sweet....and I think the clock is pretty neat too!