Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready to go...

I'm ready to go.

Pack a suitcase and

courtesy of: madelinebea

Get on an airplane and just fly away. Maybe to somewhere exotic, or maybe just home. Wherever it is, I'm ready.

courtesy of: annadyleema

I want to sit in a little cafe for hours on end. I want to people watch, eat yummy things and listen to the buzz of a city.

courtesy of: alicebgardens

In this cafe, I want to sip the most amazing lattes.

courtesy of: lesleysico

And eat the most delicious Macaroons. However many I want, and no one can tell me no.

courtesy of: GreatFullDay

I want to find an old bookstore with piles and piles of books. I want to hunt for classics, 1st editions and lovely french novels.

courtesy of: Squidart

I want to read. Whatever I want, wherever I want. I want to read for hours on end.

courtesy of: alicewphotography

And I want to sleep, nap, snuggle and dream. I want to wake up and actually feel well rested and ready to tackle the day.

courtesy of: selenavallejo

I'm ready for a vacation. A REAL vacation.

Where I can get up when I want, eat what I want and do anything I want. *sigh* Those moments in life are to far and in between.

I need a break from work, from San Francisco, from schedules. I want to see the world and be able to appreciate, fully, what I have around me everyday. I want to come back and feel refreshed and accomplished.

What do you want to do? Go? See? Does anyone else feel like me?



  1. i do!!! robert spend 2 1/2 weeks in europe back in may, and the last 10 days he has been on a beach in mexico. of course, his traveling is for work, but still... :) I am dying to get out of aurora and get a break from this house!

  2. Oh I'm with you!! SO WITH YOU!!!! And probably, my dream is to do just what you described. Go somewhere small, hidden, lovely, and old.:)

    Aaahhh, to have the freedom to pick up and go on a little rejuvenating jaunt. Maybe someday, eh? Hope you feel refreshed, even if you have to stay in the city:)

  3. Okay, even though I just got home after being gone for over a month these pictures are making me want to go on a vacation sooooo badly!!!!!