Thursday, March 29, 2012


Growing up, my hair was a big deal. Geez, it's still a big deal to me. I've always taken pretty good care of my hair, but it wasn't until late that I really started getting into actual product. Sure I pretty much kept Tresemme in business just by purchasing their hairspray, but I never really understood paying so much for shampoo and conditioner and whatever else they make you think you need. (pomades, lemonades, whatever.)

However, I've made quite a turn around. First, it started with Bumble & Bumble. Yeah, I went from 0-60 with that one. And then it was all down hill from there. I love awesome (and unfortunately, pricey) hair products! I think I might have a problem. *sigh* Oh well! I don't feel that bad about it. 

A month ago my hair stylist used a product on my hair that I had heard about and seen a million times, but never used. Magazines I read made it seem like this stuff wasn't made for my type of hair, so I didn't want to waste money. But that day in the salon changed everything. 

Moroccan Argan Oil

It has an amazing musky smell and goes on like butter. It costs $39 dollars for a 3.4 oz pump bottle, but it lasts forever. It's seriously HUHmazing people. Have you tried it? You don't have to get the Moroccan brand of course, since that's why it's so pricey (you're paying mostly for the name). You can head to your local Sally Beauty Supply and just get Argan oil, it's basically the same thing and same size, but for 1/3 of the price. 

Why should you use Argan oil? 
*It's for EVERY hair type. 
*You can use it on your skin too, not just your hair! It repairs damage to your hair, skin & nails.
* There is no residue or build up from Argan oil. It creates a beautiful shine. 
* It's full of vitamins to restore and nourish your hair. 

Here are a few other reasonably priced options with Argon oil. No matter what your budget, you can try this awesome product. I urge you to. :)

Pick these products up at Target or your local drugstore. 

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