Sunday, July 22, 2012


I just recently purchased a DSLR camera and I'm getting a lot of use out of it. I wanted to give you a really quick (and small) tour of a few of my favorite places around my house. I have plenty more to share with you in the upcoming weeks, but I figured I'd start here. I hope you enjoy seeing a little peak into my everyday life. 

Some of my jewelry hanging. I have lots of vintage pieces as well as vintage inspired. I love girly jewelry, can you tell?

A special place in the corner of my girl cave. An antique teacup from my aunt, a Paris snow globe I've had since high school and a 3 tiered antique display. I love the way this looks up against my mint colored walls.

I have a fun little collection of vintage suitcases. These are 3 of my favorite. I have them stacked in the corner and use them for storage and as a little table. They are some of my most favorite finds at flea markets and antique stores. 

I have these photos of my grandparents on my desk so that I can always see them. I've always been close to them, so it's just natural to have their photo nearby. The first photo was taken when they were in their 20's. It's from a photo booth in San Francisco when my grandmother came to visit my papa when he was stationed on Treasure Island. The second photo is from a few Christmas's ago, and in this photo they are in their 80's. My papa passed away this past November, so having these photos around just makes me feel better somehow. They were married 67 years. Isn't that amazing? 

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. These are sitting on my fireplace mantel. Always a good reminder. 

Also sitting on my mantel, 2 gifts from friends. A gorgeous mirrored candle from Anthropologie and an fun box of matches with a good message. 

Sitting on my buffet in the dining room. 2 antique inspired candle holders (but actually found at TJ Maxx). I've filled them with corks from bottles of wine and champagne. I love a good cork collection. 2 pieces of antique milk glass finish the look off. 

Cream colored picture frames with pictures of me and my love. I love seeing memories around the house. 

Embellished mason jar candle holders that I bought for $2 each. They cast a beautiful glow when lit. 

Vintage scale sitting in my kitchen garden window. I found this in Indiana and couldn't resist. 

Anthropologie herb jars that my mom found for me. They are just SO cute. 


  1. Oh! Nice Job Danae! Your Pictures look great! ;) and I can't decide which of those things I love the most...hmmm, I'll go with the 3 tiered stand! I've been looking for one of those ;)

  2. Thanks Monica! I'm loving my new camera and still learning, but it's fun. :) Glad you like them!!