Sunday, August 12, 2012


I love finding vintage pieces that I can repurpose to fit my lifestyle. I found this gorgeous mini bread tin at the Alameda Flea Market this past week for $14 dollars, and it was love at first sight. All I could think about was the many different uses I could get out of it, so I came up with a few fun ones to share with you. Don't be bogged down by what an items actual purpose was, think outside the box and use it for something new. The options are nearly endless, you just have to get creative. :)

The gorgeous tin, in all of it's glory!

The perfect place to hold your tea selection.

Or to hold your jewelry...

Or, what about your makeup and nail polish?

It's also the perfect place to hold some of my shop supplies!

What would you do with a vintage bread tin like this? I'd love to hear!!

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