Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Time Decorating Inspiration!

Spring is such a lovely time. The colors of the flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, the tweeting of the sweet little birds. *sigh* It's a time of new beginnings and freshness. ♥
It's also a time to revamp the house (or atleast, for ME it is). Whether it's spring cleaning and organizing or bringing in a few new items to liven up the place, it's a great time to make things new again. I've found several pieces of inspiration for my own house and maybe it will bring inspiration to you as well. I'm loving the muted tones of aqua, lime, yellow, pinks and mint & currently I'm re-vamping my space to reflect more of myself. I love to mix modern with vintage as it gives your space a real "lived-in" comfortable feel. What do you currently like to do in your space? I'd love to know of the new ways you freshen the look of your home. Remember, sharing is caring. :)
Have a beautiful day...

For your Boudoir....
Above: Have some fun and mix bold colors with some muted tones.
Above: When you use a white comforter as your base, you can be more creative with the other colors you use in the room.

Above: Sweet floral bedding.

Above: Old doors and shutters make interseting wall art.

Le Salon.

Above: Fun throw pillows add that extra whimsical touch.

Above: The colors are wonderful!

Above: A Velvet tufted couch, bright floral fabrics, and colorful odds and ends make for a put-together yet very boho living room.

Un Bureau.

Above: A sweet tulip chair and re-furbished school teachers desk make for a darling workspace.


Above: Small touches to add that extra "pop".

Above: A great way to display (and house) your every day utensils and dishes.

Above: Modern and vintage pieces mixed together create this colorful kitchen.

Above: Using an old hutch to display your everyday kitchen ware? Fabulous!

Above: Simple with muted tones and open shelving. Lovely.

De Bains. (shower curtains)
Above: Fun and colorful Shower curtains.
Above: The sweetest little patio set. Don't you just love the colors?
Above: Bit's and Baubles for your garden or Sun Room.

A lovely Garden Party.


  1. just so happens that I am desperately trying to "Spring up" our place, because when I realized it was spring the house started to look way too dark. So far I've bought new seafoam green place mats, changed the table centerpiece to a vase with big white (fake) flowers, and completely switched the bathroom from an Asian theme to a beach theme. It's helped everything to feel more fresh for sure.

    I love the pics you posted! I'm about ready to hunt down that white comforter in the second pic :)

  2. Sounds great!! I love re-decorating. :) You can find the white comforter at Anthropologie or West Elm has a similar one (also a little cheaper). ♥

  3. Love the looks! I would love to use some of those ideas! Better yet, why don't you come here and help me decorate?