Thursday, August 9, 2012


Aside from my blog and my shop, I also work full time as a Facility Manager for a software company. I take care of 450 people daily. Sometimes, I feel like I run a daycare. :) A couple of months ago I was carrying a lot of stress. I had just moved up into this position 2 months prior, and there was a lot going on. Issues with the building, issues with the employees, issues with just about everything. I had to finally tell myself that life was just way to short to be sitting around stressed out and feeling sorry for myself. I decided to start looking on the bright side. I decided to really try and make each day count. To try and treat every person that came my way as if they were the first person I had interacted with that day. Don't get me wrong, ugh, there are still hard days, but willing my attitude to change has really helped me. I decided to put up words of encouragement and inspiration to look at during the day. I have them to the right of my monitor, and they serve as a wonderful reminder to just breath, make it a good day, and remember to take things in stride. I also have some pictures of my family and my fabulous boyfriend. Seeing their smiling faces helps push me through the day. Just to give myself another boost of encouragement, I signed up for encouraging quotes to be emailed to me every morning. offers one liners to brighten your day. They are very short and not at all spammy. I encourage you to try it out, it's free!
Do you do anything like this or is it just me? I feel like your thoughts really matter, and if they are good thoughts, your day will go a lot smoother. What do you think?

view from my desk at work

another view of my desk at work

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I hope today is awesome for you. No matter what comes your way, don't forget to smile. :)


  1. After reading this post, I signed up for the BeHappy emails. Thanks for the tip!

  2. oooooh... Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle!! Love that! and I agree thanks for the be happy tip! gonna go sign up!